Help “Ultimate Glory” Turn 25 (And More Greatest Hits from Bill and Dave’s)

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Hostages vs. Rude Boys in its Purest Form (See Essay)

In this crazy modern world I can click a few buttons and get to a place (Google Analytics) that tells me all kinds of things about Bill and Dave’s.  It tell me, for instance, that .57% of the visitors to this site are from France (I thought we were bigger there, like Jerry Lewis) and 1.90% are from England. 

       It also tells me that as of this morning, 24,496 people have visited “Ultimate Glory,” our post about the early days of Ultimate Frisbee.  Which means that UG, as we like to call it around here, only needs 504 visitors to turn 25,000.  So spread the word and pass the link. Thanks.

       What are some of our other more popular posts? Well, unless Google is fucking with me (always a possibility), number two is Bill’s Bad Advice Wednesday called “Steady as She Goes/Moby Dick Two,” in which he discusses the ups and downs of hope (and despair.)

        Number three is a timely one. Last Year we had our own March Madness here and picked the top writing schools in the country: “The Sweet Sixteen.”

       Number four is the recently featured “What Kind of Annoying Writer Are You?”

       Number five is Bill’s pain in the neck: “Ergonomics.” 

          In number six, our resident movie critic, William Roorbach, discusses the Oscars: “And the Oscar for Revision Goes to….” 


          Number seven returns us to the basketball theme, this time revealing the “Final Four Literary Magazines in America.”  (The Georgia Review vs. The Paris Review in the finals.)

        Number eight is from guest contributor Katherine Heiny and is a lovely piece called “Origami and the Art of Fiction”‘

         Number nine returns us to hoops and concludes the tourney with “The Best Writing Program in the Country.”

        And number ten clears it all up with my cartoon essay, “Everything Your Ever Wanted to Know About Truth in Nonfiction But Were Afraid to Ask.”



  1. Tommy writes:

    Upon further reflection, oddly- this photo features two future Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Famers – who knew!!

  2. Tommy writes:

    How statistics lie: 3,752 of those visits are by me, David.

    Interesting choice of photo, aside from its historical relevance, it clearly shows future hall-of-famer Dave Barkan out-skying another Rude Boy 5-6″ taller than him, and leaving no doubt as to the outcome of this poorly thrown pass.

    Now, as to the question you posed in your fine Ultimate Glory essay, did he really out-jump Moons…. as someone who was there, I can tell you it looked a lot like this!