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Getting Outside

Here Come the Summer Birds!

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Brown Thrasher on branch

Brown Thrasher


Today was a warm one in western Maine, sixty-some degrees and sunny.  Warm enough for the bugs to wake, which means the arrival of the breeding crowd, our summer birds. I took the usual hour’s walk in the woods this morning and to the stream, a great meeting place of forest and field, stream and sandbar.  And what singing!  It always takes me a minute to remember my birdsongs, but they do come back.  Black and White Warbler like a squeaky wheel.  Common Yellowthroat, witchety-witchety-wichety.  That kind of insistent and snotty-seeming and much-repeated Chestnut-Sided Warbler song: I’m a chestnut sided, what d’ya think of that?  And the oven birds are back: Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!  Also a Black-Throated Green Warbler, plenty to say. Continue reading →

Lundgren’s Lounge: “All the Wild That Remains,” by David Gessner

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The natural world is out of balance. That much is clear to all but the most myopic among us. Global warming, annual ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ weather events, water scarcity, toxic pollution, species extinction… the list is a depressing drumbeat foretelling catastrophe. Yet despite this impending crisis the environmental movement seems to have lost its mojo. Where are the iconic leaders of this generation, the Ed Abbeys and the Wallace Stegners, wordsmiths who could awaken a movement with their well-chosen words? Continue reading →

Getting Outside Saturday: Traveling Giants

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Honduras ladies

A friend spotted this scene on a recent trip to Honduras…

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