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Getting Outside

Lundgren’s Lounge: “All the Wild That Remains,” by David Gessner

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The natural world is out of balance. That much is clear to all but the most myopic among us. Global warming, annual ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ weather events, water scarcity, toxic pollution, species extinction… the list is a depressing drumbeat foretelling catastrophe. Yet despite this impending crisis the environmental movement seems to have lost its mojo. Where are the iconic leaders of this generation, the Ed Abbeys and the Wallace Stegners, wordsmiths who could awaken a movement with their well-chosen words? Continue reading →

Getting Outside Saturday: Traveling Giants

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Honduras ladies

A friend spotted this scene on a recent trip to Honduras…

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“The Remedy For Love” Book Tour!

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Coming October 14, 2014


Save the Date! THE REMEDY FOR LOVE Book Tour is coming to a city near you. Warm thanks to my incredible publisher, Algonquin Books! Valuable prizes for those who come the furthest to each event! Let’s get a drink after!  Here’s the schedule as of now: Continue reading →