Getting Outside Saturday: Traveling Giants

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Honduras ladies

A friend spotted this scene on a recent trip to Honduras…

And here, a beach in Sicily–by Ross Nolan:

Giants in Sicily

And this last one is outside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul–caught by Pat Shipley in 2012–that’s an ARC, WTF?

Giants Istanbul

  1. Robert Popovich writes:

    Very nice site and the text certainly reflects your philosophy about writing and life.

    Most people don’t get past waking up in the morning.


  2. Robert Popovich writes:

    its better to be a good writer with bad habits then a bad writer with good habits.

    I’m a writer as well (speechwriter, author and poet)

    Birds of feather, if I may be so assumptive.

    Continued success,


  3. Debora writes:

    How funny! This is great, Bill!