The Final Four Literary Magazines

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The Finals are set: The Georgia Review vs. The Paris Review The voting has been extended to midnight Monday April9th.   Please vote for the finals in the comments section on this page.  You don’t have to be as witty as last time.  (We expect a much lower scoring game.)


Our scoring system is simple.  Each vote equals 2 points.  No 3-pointers.



Every year here at Bill and Dave’s we have our own version of March Madness.  We take 64 of the best small literary magazines and let them play it out, no holds barred, determining unequivocally the best small magazine in the country.  I don’t know if you’ve been following this year’s satellite video feed over at LSPN, but things can get ugly, and last week after their big win over The Believer, the fans down in Athens burned their copies of the Chicago Manuel of Style. Their passion can be forgiven; it truly is mad when literary journals go at it. For instance no one who witnessed it will ever forget the bloody war in the Southern Regionals, when the Oxford American hung on against their bitter rival Garden and Gun.

OA will now take on another program with a shining pedigree, The Paris Review, in what promises to be a battle of titans.  The surprises this year are all on the other side of the bracket.  Many thought that the Georgia program had grown too old and could never return to its glory days under coach Lindberg, but their execution has been flawless, and they play a measured style that has everyone buzzing about the old days.  The real Cinderella story of the tourney, however, has been Ecotone, a tiny program that, thanks in part to the recruiting pull of recent grad (and power forward)  Edith Pearlman, has made a surprising run, littering the courts with higher seeds.

As a reporter I may be accused of a lack of objectivity, since I still have some old connections at Ecotone (and since I made up everything that happened in this post.)  But from here on in, the fate of these four teams is in your hands.  Please vote on our comments page.  Let us know who you think should win the semis and the finals. We promise not to alter the results (even though we can) just so we can win our office pool.



  1. John Hausmann writes:
  2. Sue writes:

    Paris Review!

  3. Spenser writes:

    Paris Review!

  4. Andrea writes:

    Paris Review all the way.

  5. Jeff Gundy writes:

    I’m going south for Georgia R.!

  6. J Nor writes:

    Love ’em both, but gotta go with the Paris Review.

  7. Jacqueline J. writes:

    T.P.R., if you so please.

  8. Jenna writes:

    Paris Review – love the poetry, fiction, interviews, non-fiction, illustrations!

  9. Stacey writes:

    Paris Review!

  10. Jim Eikner writes:

    Paris Review…

  11. Taylor writes:
  12. Arthur Holland writes:
  13. henry writes:
  14. Shawna writes:

    Oxford American!

  15. Mark writes:

    The Paris Review!

  16. Kate writes:

    Paris Review (duh)

  17. Karl Lehman writes:

    Georgia Review.

    (Albert Goldbarth to Stephen Corey in the paint with four clicks to go, PR gives no ground inside, so Corey goes back out to Judith Kitchen on the perimeter who lets fly at the buzzer for three… nothing but net)

  18. Jesse Wilcox writes:

    Paris Review!

  19. Shelley writes:

    The Paris Review. It’s got it.

  20. Dev writes:

    Oxford American

  21. Nico writes:
  22. Jill writes:

    Georgia Review!

  23. David writes:

    The Georgia Review in both the semis and finals!

  24. jdh writes:

    TPR’s talent seems overwhelming but the OA is a scrappy bunch. You gotta want it, and believe me–they want it. I say OA by a bucket or two.

  25. Jerry writes:

    Georgia Review all the way!

  26. Kari Larsen writes:

    the Paris Review!

  27. bill paul writes:

    Georgia Review

  28. bea writes:

    Oxford American!

  29. Julie Riddle writes:

    The Georgia Review!

  30. Naz writes:

    Paris Review!

  31. Laura writes:

    Paris Review.

  32. Sally writes:
  33. Brandon writes:

    Oxford American!

  34. Kristi writes:

    Georgia Review!