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We Celebrate our 1000th Post!

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Hard to believe but Bill and Dave turn 1000 today. 1000 posts. For many years now we have carried on the tradition of blogging started by our great-grandfathers, Ebenezer Roorbach and Ernst Gessner the eighth.  May we live to see 10,000!

A recent trip to the Google Analytics store provided me with a list of our ten most popular posts. Here are three from Bill and three from me:

Bill’s top posts:

Bad Advice Wednesday: Steady As She Goes! (October 3, 2012)

Review of Wild, by Cheryl Strayed (June 25, 2012)

And the Oscar for Revision Goes to… (February 24, 2011)

Dave’s top posts:

Ultimate Glory (January 26, 2012)

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Truth in Nonfiction But Were Afraid to Ask (March 28, 2012)

What Kind of Annoying Writer Are You? (March 8, 2013)

(Couldn’t find the original of “Annoying” so I re-posted)


And a couple more we like from Dave:

The Top Ten Sexiest Nature Writers in History

Kid of the Year

And from Bill:

Do Something for Someone Else

Bill’s Sunday Sermon: It’s not about Strength (Upon the death of Robin Williams)


We’ve also had great posts by over 60 guest writers, like Nina DeGramont, Monica Wood, Bill Lundgren, Debora Black, Dinty Moore, Luis Urrea, John Lane, Kristen Keckler, Richard Gilbert, Mark Honerkamp, Jim Lang, Eli Hastings, Colin Hosten, Jonathan Evison, David Abrams, Heidi Gessner, Kerry Headley, Erika Robuck,  Lee Martin, Crash Barry, and on and on, and in fact our top post of all time, Twelve Habits of People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace, was by guest blogger Katherine Fritz, with over 56,000 views.  Also in the top ten was our friend Katherine Heiny’s Origami and the Art of Fiction. 

And finally, we are happy to note your participation: 7,250 comments, over a million views.

[Note that Bill is only shorter than Dave in Dave’s cartoons.]

(Actually I topped out at 5’11” and a half and though I’ve shrunk an inch I think I still have an inch on Bill, both in the cartoon and real world. Also I’m as tall as a flood of breaking ice.)

[Okay, Bill topped out at 5′ 10′, shrank an inch, but got it back with my neck surgery. But I weigh more, much of the time.]


The real Bill and Dave celebrating:


billanddaveat bar


And doing our famous ventriloquism act:


Bill and dave



And camping on the beach (god I’m choking up):


bill and dave onb beach


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  1. Debora writes:

    1,000 posts. That means I’ve had a thousand vodka martinis since you guys started? That might be excessive. I don’t think we should have to keep track.

  2. George de Gramont writes:

    You did it the hard way ! You earned it ! George & Carol !

  3. Elizabeth Hilts writes:

    1,000. That’s like one thousand. Keep ’em coming, please and thank you.

  4. mark ancker writes:

    Congratulations! I enjoy your posts and the smiles and insights they’ve given me. Hooray for youse guys!!!!

  5. Bill Diskin writes:

    Congratulations! 1,000 posts is…well…more than 900 some.

    Actually, I should be sincere. Though I haven’t read every post, I have enjoyed every post I have read. And there’s comfort knowing that Bill and Dave’s Cocktail Hour is out there, keeping an eye on things and weighing in on matters that matter. Great writing in a friendly voice. Can’t find that just anywhere. Thanks for the effort — which, I bet, we readers take for granted. Looking forward to the next 1,000.

  6. Tommy writes:

    David, you were always tall for your height. Great job guys, this has always been a fun place to kick back, take you shoes off, drink a beer and see what’s happening out there, and especially be introduced to some great writers, even a laurel poet from Maine. Special thanks to Lungrens Book Lounge (TM) for a lot of that. I’ve always enjoyed Bad Advice Wednesdays, and sometimes Getting Outside Saturday’s, and any and everything Dave drew. Congratulations on a million views, why that averages out to 1000 per post!

    • Dave writes:

      Thanks, Tommy. Being tall for my height was my greatest accomplishment. I would say “is” but I’m shrinking fast.

  7. Molly M writes:

    You guys are a duo for the ages! Well, for my age, anyway. Thank you!

  8. Dinty Moore writes:

    The world is better place because of this blog. Truly. Madly. Deeply.