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I Used to Play in Bands

I Used to Play in Bands, Too

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I read Bill’s book Temple Stream for the first time a few years ago while camping on Cape Cod. It was tucked into an inviting corner of Brewster Books, and, because it was raining, I sat on the floor and read most of it before finally buying it at the end of the afternoon.  It’s been a good friend to me since. I recently took it down from the shelves for another read, but first decided to check out Bill and Dave’s to see what I could learn about what you were up to. There I found “I Used to Play in Bands,” which I watched straight through. I’m writing because…well…I used to play in bands too. Continue reading →

Life Among Giants: An Amateur Makes a Trailer, and Hooks it to a Star

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They say a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.  But what about the man who makes his own book trailer?  I’m thinking I’ll charge myself double, as I know a fool and his money are soon parted.  But as Cato the Elder said: Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise (Cato the Younger was in The Pink Panther, as you’ll recall).  So a word to the wise: much to learn here.  For me.  Or as my mother liked to repeat: Fools’ names and fools’ faces, always appear in public places.  In HD!  I wish I’d had a better director!  Don’t worry, I’ll get back to I Used to Play in Bands soon.  What’s that you say?  Right.  Better to read the book!  Next: What do you call the writer who makes his own web site? Continue reading →

I Used to Play in Bands is Back: Spinal Fusion Edition

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I Used to Play in Bands: Chapter 15 (Spinal Fusion)