I Used to Play in Bands is Back: Spinal Fusion Edition

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I Used to Play in Bands: Chapter 15 (Spinal Fusion)

  1. Nina writes:

    This is really Nina’s husband. Wow, that was great. Just wished I’d waited until cocktail hour, or drug hour, to watch it. Hey, I’ll just watch it again. I always thought the inside of your mind was something like that.

  2. Tommy writes:

    Brilliant! Take more drugs, so the rest of us won’t have to. Gee, snow. In March. Hard for me to imagine. And yet, signs of Spring, birds warbling, sap running, while the landscape unwavering, remains hard and cold. Snow on the fields, ice in the brook, I suppose there’s a quiet comfort if you’re patient enough to outlast it.

  3. Richard Gilbert writes:

    This is so great! It actually reminds me of a great documentary The Real Dirt on Farmer John, when he talks about the collapse of his farm and life due to financial troubles, and the backdrop is various images, almost as surreal as yours.

    Love your whole aqueous motif, Bill.

    • Tommy writes:

      The real tragedy in Farmer John, is that he wore out his land. After that, they (the cfa) pooled their resources, and gave him a new one. Verdict: not sustainable.

    • Bill writes:

      I will find this movie, Richard… I don’t actually know how all those fish got in my camera… The doc put a fire-wire in my brain, but that can’t be it, can it?

  4. malcolm s bates writes:

    Nice to see your neck again. And Spinal Fusion was one of my favorite bands!

  5. John Jack writes:

    Artful subtexts projected through the aquarium creatures. Sometimes when my blood sugar bottoms out or my spine presses my nerves or both I feel like a spineless jellyfish at the whim of cosmic currents. When I’m on my game I feel like a prowling shark. When the cosmos hands me a world of hurt I feel like prey fish.

    I’m left wondering if subtexts I interpret from the video are intentional or the subconscious speaking through them. Yours, Mr. Roorbach, and/or mine.

    • Bill writes:

      I didn’t notice any subtexts here, just fish and x-rays… You know those kind of people, who won’t ever acknowledge anything psychological? It’s very hard to teach them metaphor when they turn up in your creative writing classes…

  6. Valerie Lane writes:

    Glad you are feeling better. You look good. Good to see you writing and filming again. I look forward to future installments…

  7. Susan Pearsall writes:

    You really captured the floating, blurred senses, but I bet the bad waking dreams were wickedly frightful. So glad things are slowly getting better for you. Soon it will be spring full of green shoots and new beginnings. Hang in there!

    • Bill writes:

      Frightful is right–I recall standing in my kitchen the first night holding an orange that was only a concept, bizarre… Things are better each day… Bought an ergonomic chair and etc. yesterday…

  8. hannah holmes writes:

    Me loooooove whale shark. Your titanium is pretty too. xo h

  9. George de Gramont writes:

    Impressive video! So glad that you are better! You looked well in Video!Goerge.