What is Perfect? This Short Film by a Couple of Awesome Teens, That’s What!

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My daughter and her friend Maeve made this short film for their summer English project when they were both fourteen. At last their classes have seen it, they’re fifteen, and I can finally share! Maeve wrote the music and sings it with a little help from Elysia, who choreographed the dance. Together they wrote, directed, edited, and absolutely everything else. Assignment was to address a social problem.  Please feel free to share it around!

  1. M. Graham writes:

    Just lovely–and so very, very well executed. Does my heart good to see these young women refuse the suffocating scripts of feminine beauty, to walk (or dance!) their way back into the strength of their own truths. At their age, I could not have allowed myself even the dream of doing so. Bravo!–and a nod in the direction of good parenting, as well. 🙂

  2. Debora writes:

    Beautiful. Loved the music and the vocals and the dance. It’s great to see what other (young) women are thinking about and doing.

  3. Tommy writes:

    Btw: The editing on this is REALLY, REALLY good!!

  4. Tommy writes:

    This is impressive, and BRAVE!! Excellent song and wonderful production/presentation/interpretation by both artists!! Just the beginning of so many good things to come! Keep creating!! And DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! Now get back to work!!

  5. Jim Nichols writes:

    Wow…very well done!

  6. Jil Van Alstine writes:

    Found your delightful ‘Life Among Giants ‘
    audio version through my library app on my phone.

    Within 2 days I had returned to it several times. The warp
    and weft are complex enough to warrant that, but really,
    it was the joy of revisiting the characters.

    You know it’s been a good read when you can’t bear it to end.

    So glad to have become aquainted with your work!

    Jil Van Alstine