Happy Aquatic Father’s Day: A Photo-Essay

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I’m posting this one as a Father’s Day gift to myself. These pictures must be almost nine years old now, but they are still some of my favorite of Hadley as a baby. They are from a visit to the house of a friend who lives on a lake in Massachusetts. They were taken by another friend, Mark Honerkamp (see his recent post here).  Hadley, by the way, has given me her permission to post these.





Out at Sea

Up top.


What the Hell?

  1. George de Gramont writes:

    Wonderful and I am happy to say I have all 4.

  2. Tommy writes:

    Beautiful and tender.

  3. An Alewife writes:

    Oh, dear what a cUtie!

    Can’t wait until Hadley gets her own blog / FB account and start to share her impressions of things.

  4. Bill writes:

    Happy Father’s Day, bro!