Friends, Sidekicks, and Disorganized Wanderers

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As most readers of this blog know, Bill and I just spent some time at the big writing conference in Boston. As businessmen, we did almost everything wrong. I spent a lot of money printing out a book of Bill and Dave cartoons and then essentially gave them away. Bill, who was in charge of our table and general scheduling, managed to schedule a reading for himself in Tucson on the second day of the conference. Tucson, it should be pointed out, is a long way from Boston. And finally we were barely ever at our table.  We both like to wander around.

In fact, if it were based solely on time spent at the table, we would re-name this website Hones and Kristen’s Cocktail Hour. Kristen Keckler you will know from her fine guest blogs, most recently this one. Hones might also be familiar to you, if you have read any of my books.  (I recently wrote this post about him, too, on the art of sidekicking.) As far as I know he was the only non-writer out of the 11,000 or so people who attended the conference. When people asked him if he was a writer he said “No, I’m a character.”  He went on to explain that he was a professional sidekick.

So to Kristen and Hones, Bill and I say thank you. And to those who came by to see us and only found our cartoon selves, we are sorry. Next time we’ll be better.  And more organized. We promise.

A brief moment when all four of us were together.


Cartoon Bill and Dave close down the bar…


Kristen’s Guest Head on a Storrow Drive Billboard


Bill and Bill with Patricia McNair’s Columbia College students while Dave was off taking a long, luxurious nap.

Dave rocks the after party Friday night

  1. Tommy writes:

    So THAT’S what Honerkamp looks like! I thought he’d be taller.

  2. Bill writes:

    It was hard to leave. But only because it was blizzarding. The drive to Logan Friday morning was insane among cabbies who’d never seen snow before. But the flight took off as scheduled, or at least taxied away from the gate as scheduled. Two hours to get to the de-icing pad. And then Tucson! I arrived in the middle of the enormous author dinner at the Tucson Festival, but in time to autograph Life Among Giants and greet my tablemates. Dave wandered clear to Cape Cod on Saturday, from what I hear. And my apologies to the anniversary reading for the Flannery O’Connor Prize, and to those friends and fans who turned up to see me Saturday morning. I was at that moment empaneled in Tucson with the wonderful Ilie Ruby and the brilliant Caroline Leavitt. Later, with Ann Hood and Alice LaPlante. Later still (on Sunday) with Alice again and the literally glittering Barbara Shapiro. Heidi Durrow and Laura Moriarty sat in for Dave at the fiction writers dinner and drank me under the table. It’s a Cocktail Hour world!

  3. Patrick writes:

    I cannot believe I didn’t get to meet Hones.

    • Dave writes:

      I should have made it happen. Thursday was his day off, and mine from his snoring, which sounds like the moans of a gutted bear.