Bill’s Pub Day!!

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Books are dead, they say.  Not true, we say here at Bill and Dave’s.

Well, okay, maybe books are dead, but not this one book……For today is the official pub day–trumpets please–of Life Among Giants.  (Great title, Bill, did Dave help you with it?)

One of the pleasures of this book is that it is so very much Bill.  “A man is best when he is most himself,” said Thoreau.  Of course Bill is not really being himself here, for one thing he is not 6’8” like Lizard, his protaginist.  But the book is him.  The spirit is him,  And it’s a spirit that you will like being with for a few days and 300 pages.

Below find a bunch of early reviews collected by Bill’s agent, Betsy Lerner, at her website:

CONGRATULATIONS BILL (old friend, great writer, sweet as pineapple) ROORBACH

on the publication of:


Publishers Weekly

“[A] thrilling indulgence, a tale of opulence, love triangles, and madness, set against a sumptuous landscape of lust and feasts . . . This is a purely Gatsbyesque portrayal of celebrity; David and Sylphide inhabit a galaxy of stars, each more blinding and destructive than the next, drawing intrigue and violence into their orbits.”

“Roorbach has created a memorable narrator who possesses the disarming frankness of Holden Caulfield and whose rapid-fire delivery and cutting characterizations expertly shift between memories and the present moment…This is one of those novels you read because you care about what happens to the people and the connections between them as those connections grow, fray, and snap. By turns surreal and gritty, the book is written with the same muscular grace possessed by the dancers and athletes who are its main characters.”

Shelf Awareness
“[A] novel of extravagant imagination…the story, skirting preciousness, and skillfully uses significant objects and nicknames as plot talismans…Similar to the work of John Fowles, Life Among Giants contains flashes of fantasy and obsession, though thankfully without the frustration of a pick-your-outcome finish. With Lizard, the story’s path all the way down the field is in safe hands.”

Kirkus Reviews
“With memories of people tangled “in a hopeless knot,” David “Lizard” Hochmeyer attempts to unravel the Gordian in Roorbach’s latest novel. . . .[An] exotic, eye-catching cast. . . . sparkling characters . . . A narrative threaded through with corruption and an appreciable number of love stories.”

“LIFE AMONG GIANTS is a sprawling, exuberant novel filled with murder and lust and, mostly, love. Bill Roorbach is a writer with enormous vision and an even more enormous heart.” —Ann Hood, author of The Red Thread

“LIFE AMONG GIANTS is such a surprise: an operatic novel of grand emotions and grand events, a story about murder, money and madness but also the worlds of dance, food, sports, and romance, all experienced at their over-the-top best. No one writes pleasure quite like Bill Roorbach.” —Debra Spark, author of Good for the Jews

“A book that’s big in the best of ways, LIFE AMONG GIANTS strolls effortlessly across several recent American decades, guiding a big-eyed reader through worlds of football, ballet, murder, fine food, investment fraud, gaudy wealth, murder again, international intrigue, and suspense, all the while staying within the tight limits of a family saga that rings universal. Bill Roorbach has delivered his award-winning writing talents in one big bunch. Hollywood will come calling.”  —Clyde Edgerton, author of Killer Diller

You can order a copy here. You can read Bill’s blog here. And you can leave a comment here, too.

 (Sweet as a pineapple!)

  1. john e harvey writes:

    Congrats on the warm reception, Bill.

    Amazon says my copy will be here Thursday!! Can’t wait.

  2. Debora writes:

    Gosh I’ve been underground for a few days..lots seems to have happened…

    Was there an election?

    I’m getting married?

    Bill Roorbach wrote and published a book?

    I think I’ll be needing another cup of coffee, a white dress, several books, and for all BR fans, a warm pineapple upside down cake with whipped cream–Yum yums (You’ll love it, I’m a great cook, Jinx, Io, and Kittyboy will tell you).

    Happy November 13 Bill Roorbach!

  3. George de Gramont writes:

    Just called B & N . They have the book and I will buy “demain”. Looking forward to it.