In the Trump Mines

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2016-09-28-11-35-26-01          It’s the familiar lament of the political cartoonist. As a human you hate the politician and want them gone as soon as possible. But as a cartoonist, you want the same person to stick around for a long, long time. This has never been more true than with Donald Trump. Who wants to spend four years drawing Hillary?

The problem is not an acute one for me as I am no longer a professional cartoonist. I’m a writer and probably should stick to what I do best, but every four years or so I feel some sort of evolutionary, almost primal, prodding to pick up the pen and dip it in ink. It worked out pretty well with Romney and I was pleased with my caricature of him (which was challenging since he is blandly handsome). Trump has given me fits, however. I think it’s the same with satiric writing about him: how do you caricature someone who has pushed himself beyond caricature? But for me it’s even more basic than that. I don’t have him yet, and that bugs me. While my wife self-medicated (red wine) to get through the debate, I sat there with my drawing board in my lap drawing Trump after Trump after Trump. Sometimes I felt so close to capturing him…it should be so…easy….that strange little pouty kissy thing he does with his mouth…..the Grinch-like frown…..the brows pulled down like an angry Dad…..the sighs and overblown body language…’s just sitting there, a caricature already, so why can’t I just get it? I draw forty more Trumps and still, like a disobedient dog, he won’t come. Continue reading →

Guest contributor: Bill Lundgren

Lundgren’s Lounge meets Bad Advice Wednesday: Do Your Summer Reading this Fall

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Bill Lundgren

Bill Lundgren with Pearl the Blind Pug

The return to school and teaching duties in the fall always comes with a bittersweet sense of loss. Gone the unfettered freedom of summer with the absence of deadlines and in their place swimming and gardening and hiking and baseball and most of all, reading… savoring the exquisite pleasures of books and marveling at the universe’s talent for selecting just the right book at just the right time. Below are a few of the highlights of the past summer’s reads. But don’t let Fall keep you from discovering them all: Continue reading →

Bad Advice Wednesday: Start your Writing Machine!

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After how many years in school, and then 25 more as a professor, I’m hopelessly (and happily) hooked into the academic year.  Summer is a time to refill the buckets of the soul–but come September, all those ideas from all those sunny days with all those friends old and new start to take paragraph form, my brain begging to get back to work, my fingers itching for the keyboard.  I don’t teach anymore, but I’ve kept the writing machine oiled and ready to go, dependable old thing!  And I’ll be getting back to Bill and Dave’s, as well.  Dave’s already in–but in the south, you know, they start school early.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! Continue reading →

Nature Good. Screens Bad.

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This has been getting a lot of play since National Geographic posted it on their Facebook page last week:

nat geo 3

And here’s the hulu link again:


Happy Birthday to the National Park Service

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I am going to take a short break from full-time Trumping to say happy birthday to the National Park Service, which turns 100 today. Here is my birthday card to the Service, sent courtesy of The American Scholar.

The Taming of the Wild by David Gessner

american scholar 2

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