Bad Advice Wednesday Live!

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This week, Bill and Dave discuss reading, but they do it two months ago sitting in Temple Stream behind Bill’s house in Maine.  Here’s the video.

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  1. Tommy writes:

    I LOVE Harry Nilsson, even more than Helen Nearing, although their names might tickle the same auditory nerves in someone who was hard of hearing. The rest of this, just sounds like more bad advice.

    • Bill writes:

      Isn’t Harry Nilsson IIi thought of as the fifth Beatle? I’ll have to ask Dave. He would have been 70 this year…

      • Tommy writes:

        Dave’s seventy, already!!?? Wow, he looks great! Must be all those protein shakes! Nillson Schmillson. The beatles were pop, Nillson always composed from the heart.

  2. john lane writes:

    I think this spew has been shaped into another genre.

  3. nina writes:

    I love the charming, giggly camera person, too. David would like a subtitle reversing the Saul Bellow quote. I’m no expert but sounded like it might be backwards.

  4. George de Gramont writes:

    Cool, cool & cooler! Especially Music &the charming, giggly Camera Person. For me message is on redundant side. After all Dave recently told me “I wish everyone had your reading habits”.