Writers’ Week Day 4

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brock-clarke-photo-credit-joe-hughesGreat reading last night by Kathryn Miles and Patrick Philips.


This morning at 10 Patrick Philips will discuss craft for poets in the Azalea Coast Room .


Then I will talk with Kathryn Miles about her book, SUPERSTORM. How did she come to write it? How did she sell it? How did she make it so damn good? Your questions will be answered today at 12:30 (also in the Azalea Coast Room).


At 2 the BFA readers will take the stage.


The day will be capped off with a reading by the inimitable Brock Clarke in DeLoach Hall 114!


  1. Tommy writes:

    “Then things really got serious and someone slashed every tire on my parents’ Volvo, and once, in a fit of anger or grief, someone hurled a Birkenstock through one of our bay windows. It was a man’s right shoe, size twelve.” (from “An Arsonist’s Guide to Writer’s Homes in New England”)

    You know, Brock – Dave wears a size 12 Birkstock. It might be just a coincidence, but he lived at a boarding school near here (Amherst) around the time of the setting of this book. Under false pretenses, I might add. Thought you should know.