Wren Cam: Day 2

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You asked for it and we gave it to you…..live from the shack.  A Bill and Dave production.  Day 2 in the life of the Carolina Wrens….

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Nature Photographer: Nina de Gramont.






  1. monica wood writes:

    This is such a treat!!! I’ve got one calling in my yard–in Portland, MAINE. Unheard of a mere 10 yrs ago, but each year they make a slightly bigger presence, yet another southern species expanding northward. The call always reminds me of some beautiful weeks I once spent in Virginia. Red-bellied woodpecker, same phenomenon.

  2. Teresa writes:

    Ah, hungry little fella is all mouth.

  3. john lane writes:

    Animal Planet! Or I should say Wren Planet.

  4. Kate writes:

    A tour de force! I laughed. I cried. I intend to watch it again and again.

  5. George de Gramont writes:

    Amazing! nature at its best!

  6. nina writes:

    Amazing! A true miracle. And clearly the work of a great wildlife videographer.