Who Took This Picture?

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Calling all Wallace Stegner fans. I have been sleuthing for a week trying to find out who took this picture. It is in the Black Rock Desert (no, WS is not at Burning Man) and was likely taken by Utah historian David E. Miller, and perhaps resides at the Utah State Historical Society….but have not yet nailed it down…..Any help greatly appreciated….

Thanks for any ideas or help!

  1. Dave writes:

    Thanks, Robin. That is hugely helpful.

  2. Robin writes:

    It appears with the credit “Photo: David Miller, Courtesy of Page Stegner” on page 234 of A COUNTRY IN THE MIND by John L. Thomas, but you might already know that. Would this help? http://www.researchgate.net/publication/50556263_Stegner_Wallace_Earle_Photograph_Collection