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Treasure Map

Today, Juliet and Elysia and I hand the keys over to the housesitter, shake hands with the chickens, hug the dog, and head off to Costa Rica.  I’ve been before and enjoyed both rainforest and dry-forest so much that I vowed to go back.  Then, I was inland; then I stayed at biological research stations (and took a course on teaching in the tropics).  This trip we’ll be on the Pacific Ocean, two different stops, and staying in lodges.  The first is on the Osa Peninsula (that elegant hook of land down by Panama), in the Corcovado forest.  Ten hours by car from San Jose.  Less than an hour in the air.  Then a ten-minute hop on a small charter plane.  We opted for the flights.  Corcovado should be somewhat different from Maine this time of year.  For one thing, birds.  For another, monkeys.  Also tapirs, sloths, jaguars.  Waterfalls with no ice in them, ever.  Bullet ants.  Butterflies.  Elysia and her mom have been working on their Spanish and testing me on mine (I flunked).  I’ll be out of contact for the next ten days or so, then in intermittent contact till April 3, when we’re back.  I’ll post a word or two as I’m able!  Cheerio!

  1. Burns Ellison writes:

    While in Puerto Jimanez jumping off place to Corcavado Park look up Mike Boston and say hello to him. He’s in my opinion the best guide in the area who knows more about snakes and crocodiles than anybody in Costa Rico (he even looks like Crocodile Dundy) Also dine out at best restaurant in Puerto Jimanez and say hello for me to the proprietors Celia and Julio (I’m blanking out on name of restaurant just now but Mike Boston would know).. Also ask Mike Boston how to get to Santuario Silvestre (you must go there) run by Carol Crews and say hello to her for me, too.

  2. Tommy writes:

    “Donde esta el bano?” “Dos cervezas, por favor!” There, that should get you a passing grade!