Where’s Bildo?

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I’m on a top-secret mission for Orion Magazine.  Any guesses where?

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  1. Pat shipley writes:

    New Bedford, MA. Just A guess but I ate a lot of Portuguese food there when I lived in Newport, RI.
    Basis of guess – whaling, the bank on water street, many textile mills were repurposed to artists studios and shops which could be the picture of the people writing in the hall (guessing), and the Bay Sox.
    If you are there eat Azorean food like there is no tomorrow. Remember it’s a cabinet not a frappe. Try a coffee cabinet for me. Practice saying “Nebefed”.
    Where ever Bildo is I hope he is enjoying himself.

    • Bill writes:

      Nebefed is right! You win… something… A photo with the Bay Sox mascot?

      • Pat shipley writes:

        Pass on that, thanks. I got the part about the textile mills wrong now that I think about it. That is Fall River. Remember, don’t try that harpoon at home.

        • Bill writes:

          Wamsutta Mills was in New Bedford. Now a mill-mall. So you are heading for a free dinner with Bill if we’re ever in the same town! Wish I’d got your warning earlier–I’ve broken all the lamps and windows.