Where’s Bildo? (Dave Edition)

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  1. Debora writes:

    Hahaha, good ones Tommy.

    Well this time, Dave, you’ve really hit the mark with me, everything I love in one photo spread.

    Super-hero included. Last night I watched this T.V. movie…hmm, something like Gone Baby, Gone??? Boston, gritty neighborhoods and nasty characters. The leads are a young couple, new detectives hired to find a missing girl. Twice the male detective stands-up for his wife against these big brutes, scares the heck out of them, gives one guy a POW in the face, takes him OUT, says “If you ever disrespect her again, I will come after you, and I will find you, and I will kill you.” I just love that. The guy is so cool. Small, smart, fearless is the thing, he just plays it so fearlessly against these creeps!

    • Debora writes:

      The thing is, it was the way he stood up for her. It wasn’t that he was protecting her femaleness as if she were his property, and his own maleness was at stake. No, he was protecting her as an individual with her own value and dignity. But with recognition that she could not physically take these guys on by herself, you know, lacking the muscle and rock ’em sock ’em skill set. Beyond the character, I was impressed by the detective’s acting, too. His acting is what put this message across, not exactly what he said, but how he said it.

      And there was this other huge character, bald, drove an Escalade. He was on the wrong side of the law, but a good guy, too, and a former friend of the male detective. He was a really good actor that I’d never seen before. His acting felt like a reality show, like he was the real thing. The same with this blonde chick–she was the missing girl’s mother–a real flake, but she had this seedy charm, you kind of liked her in the end. The way she talked…nasal and low class accent…she was a really good actress, she seemed real, like she had been plucked out of the neighborhood, her clothes were terrible and that hair, so low budget!

      Normally I go for art films, so this is a departure for me. Goes to show you how well-written characters can carry a story.

      • Bill writes:

        You’re right Debora! It’s Bridgeport!

      • Tommy writes:

        Ummmm, tell me more about the blond, I MEAN, tell me more about how well written characters carry a story and sell advertising! Maybe if I had cable I’d better understand the way womens’ minds work. I bet that superhero guy has a decoder ring.

        • Debora writes:

          There were billions of commercials! The woman’s mind…that’s a tough one, even for me. But if she has a smile on her face, that’s a good sign.

          • Tommy writes:

            I’m writing this down….

            • Debora writes:

              Hahaha! Well in that case, I better come up with more. Here’s one. If she has outward signs of her own successes, then we know she is capable and proud. Good things.

  2. Tommy writes:

    This is easy, too:

    1. Tahoe
    2. Davenport
    3. Mountainview
    4. Devonshire, England
    5. Deliverance
    6. Nighttime
    7. Comic book super-hero come to life! Special powers: can tame the savage ATV.