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Bill Among the Booksellers


While Dave’s braving the San Juan River in search of his next book I’m in teeming Boston, enjoying the other end of the process, pre-publication.  Algonquin, publisher of my next book, Life Among Giants (have I ever mentioned this to you?), put on a dinner for Boston area booksellers and invited me and another of their Boston area writers, Barbara (B.A) Shapiro, in to speak.  Barbara, who’s actually from Boston, followed instructions and spoke briefly.  Her book, forthcoming in October, is called The Art Forger, and gives a novelist’s take on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist, good stuff!  I, after a 3.5 hour drive that ended in a wrong turn and a maze of bridge ramps and tunnels and finally a bus yard and despair, talked for three hours and fifteen minutes about my economic theories, which follow those of Secretary of War Dearborn during the zzzzzzzzzz.  After, we all ate a fine meal, Barbara and I shifting tables  at intervals and talking to everyone at least a little, really fun.  I’m looking forward to visiting the 15 stores represented, sooner or later, as customer or event, mostly to continue the conversations.  These are really interesting and funny folks!  Plus, they sell books.  Kudos to Craig Popelars, Algonquin director of marketing, who puts on a good show and is hilarious.


The Charles without Dave

  1. Karen Vail writes:

    Omg, my boss went to that, she’d mentioned “Art Forger”,which I read and enjoyed, but I didn’t know YOU would be there! Damn, hope you got a chance to talk to her, Vicky from Titcomb’s, she was probably there with Carol Chittenden (to right in your photo), Vicky may not have made the connection that the book I was raving about a couple of weeks ago was yours. Hope you can stop in at Titcomb’s sometime!

    • Bill writes:

      I did meet Vicki. Briefly. And love to come to Titcombs if you’ll have me. Boston is on the way everywhere…

  2. Tommy writes:

    Dave worked at one of those book stores.

  3. Richard Gilbert writes:

    Bill, enjoy your time outside your world. You have earned it. And will be glad—and sad—when it ends.

    And: I think the out of focus photographs are the best!

  4. Pat Shipley writes:

    Did Barbara tell you where the Vermeer is? I’m looking towards early retirement and already have a cat suit.
    Joe got his hand on Life Among Giants first so I have to wait to read it. Many thanks.
    See you at the VA festival of the Book in the spring?

    • Bill writes:

      Yes, hope to be at VA Festival for the Book! And hope to see you when I’m there. Barbara has the Vermeer and says she’ll take a personal check.