Guest contributor: Alise Hamilton

We The Animals: Book Spine Poem II

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(just read the titles…)


We the animals
writing down the bones,
alone with all that could happen.
You are not like other mothers:
Savage girl.
Steering the craft,
burning down the house.

Click here to see my first book-spine poem and a couple of others, and to get the (very short) history of the form.

[This is Bill talking now: To contribute your own book spine poem to this or future posts, just leave word of your achievement in the comments below!  Contest remains open, though so far three gold medals have been awarded.]

[Alise Hamilton is a bookseller at Andover Books in Andover, Massachusetts, and is the events and marketing coordinator for HugoBookstores.  In addition, she’s an MFA student at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, working on a collection of linked stories.]

[And here’s another contribution, by Ze’ Alaya, who works in Artificial Intelligence, though the intelligence here seems real!]

Written by a robot?


[And now for something completely different, by Christie Aschwanden, who is is a freelance journalist who blogs about science at Last Word On Nothing.  Follow her on Twitter:  @cragcrest.  No, follow me!  @billroorbach]

Last word on something….

  1. Kristen writes:

    I can’t wait to do this exercise with my college-level poetry workshops this fall semester! Another idea for an adaptation would be use CDs (remember those?) or titles of albums.

    • Bill writes:

      A really great assignment, and kids with all the tech they need… I guess it could be anything, but books, they really speak to me…

  2. Here’s mine.

    When Things Fall Apart
    Follow the Story
    All That We Share
    Fierce Attachments
    Rooted in the Land

  3. Susan Ramsey writes: