Visual Haiku

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wild cucumbers


Herewith, a couple of visual haiku.  Three lines invoking a season, denoting a shift or change.  Silence.


And now, reusing the original image as a line [puffballs, jack-in-the-pulpit seeds, wild cucumbers]:













  1. Tommy writes:

    Bill (re: your window), why do they still kill whales? Energy was a fine 19th century reason, why does the practice continue??

  2. Tommy writes:

    Sweet! Those wild cucumbers look fierce. So glad, generations ago, they were captured, tamed, and domesticated. If only it worked for the blackberries.

    • Bill writes:

      I don’t know if these are even related to table cucumbers… These are hollow, with a web-like understructure, and four seeds that slide out the open top when the time comes…