TO BE A WOLF by Hadley Gessner

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TO BE A WOLFA Story By Hadley Gessner, age 10


Commonly thought of as a monster. Called a killer. Family being taken away for their fur or for fun. Friends being shot by the wild things who took over and who stand on two feet.


That’s me, a wolf. Bow down to Alpha. Growl at Omega. Hunt for food. That’s my life.


“Moon!” I hear Alpha call.


“Yes, Alpha?” I howl back.


“We need to talk” he howls.


I come to Alpha’s den. He sees me. His nose is pointing to a corner of the den. This means “Look where I am pointing. There is something you need to see.”


Wolves have howls and signals. Each means a different thing, but one we all know well. A head hanging low means “The two-leggers came.”

Two-leggers are the ones who stand on two feet and shoot us with loud metal things that send out pain and cause death. We don’t like Two-leggers and they don’t like us. That is why the most important sign is the hanging head. It usually means family and friends are hurt, or dead.

I look at Alpha and he growls. I follow his instructions and look in the corner. My best friend, on the ground.

“What happened?” I yip.

He does the head hang.

I walk over. One, called grryipsniff (Sun, in your language) looks up and tries to stand. She falls on the ground.

I can see she was able to get away. Leaves are in her fur and she seems tired. Also there is the fact that she made it here.

She only got shot in the leg. That is better than in the heart.

I am told by Alpha to find something to help her get better.

It doesn’t take me long, but when I come back, my pack is gone! All I can see is one wolf, my best friend whose leg still is shot.  The head sag again. They took the pack! The whole pack but one wolf. My family and friends all gone but one.

How Would You Feel?

Take A Look At What Is Happening And Take Action.


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  1. Addie Bloom writes:

    Awesome story Hads! You continue to impress me! You have a great writing skill and you should continue to produce amazing wolf stories!

  2. Debra Taylor writes:

    A well researched Fiction takes the writer thru the story! I was there right beside you!
    Hadley, I hope you will continut to write wildlife stories!

  3. hannah writes:


    “She only got shot in the leg. That is better than in the heart.”

    And these two lines felled me they’re so good. Gorgeous and merciless writing that mimics the animals themselves.


    • hannah writes:

      My own writing is full of typos. “And these” should be “Those two lines…” This is why one should never type on a smartphone. Something your parents know.

    • Debra Taylor writes:

      Hannah, you are a scartycat and a bully! Go read Lion King! Another famous preditor story. Obviously, you cant get over your own hatred.

  4. Tommy writes:

    Hardly, this ended too soon for me, captivated as I was by your story, and the life force you instil in your characters…….

    More, More!!

    And yes, the “two-leggeds” may in fact be the evil ones! Hey, wait a minute….. I’m a two-legger!!

  5. Bill writes:

    This is wonderful, Hadley–Really makes me think about all the myths of the evil wolf! And so well written, hooray!

  6. Jane Winters writes:

    Hadley! You continue to amaze me. I am so proud of you and your incredible gift for writing. ((((Hugs))))))

  7. Carol de Gramont writes:

    Hurrah for Hadley! You’ve created a whole world in a few lines. Not a word out of

    place, and all so moving. Thank you for this wonderful story. Didi

  8. Jennifer Whitten writes:

    That’s a powerful story, Hadley. May I share it on my Facebook page for others to read?

  9. George de Gramont writes:

    Hadley , what a great story . It has style, drama and a powerful narrative. And importantly it has a worthy and important reason for the reader to read it. Papa.

  10. Andrew Green writes:

    Beautifully written story, Ms. Gessner.
    I love wolves.

  11. Sarah writes:

    Great story, Hadley! I’m so proud of you. 🙂 With your writing, you inspire us to speak out against the injustices many animals face and to care about our world. Keep writing!

  12. Heidi Gessner writes:

    Wow! I love reading about Moon and Alpha and poor grryipsniff. 🙁
    You are a great storyteller, Hads. Love, Heidi xoxox

  13. Joseph Longcore writes:

    Great job Hadley! The wolves of the world applaud you! Your story made me think of the best dog i ever had. He was a wolf hybrid I called Lobo. Tha..nk you Hadley

  14. Nina writes:

    That’s my girl! Beautiful writing, Hads!