The Wren in the Writing Shack III.

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I finally have some photos to post of the wren nesting inside my writing shack.  Yesterday Kate Miles visited us here in Wilmington.  Kate is the author of the essay, “Dog is my Co-Pilot,” that appeared in both Ecotone and Best American Essays, and of the book, Adventures with Ari.

Anyway, Kate had already seen the jelly bean-sized eggs that were in the nest, and we were sitting in the shack and sipping beers and staring out at the nesting swan on the marsh, when the wren flew in, landed on the stick that Hadley calls “the wolf’s leg,” checked us out, tilted its tail, and hoped into the nest.  And the bird turns out not to be photo shy.  Here are the results…..






























  1. Bill Diskin writes:

    Love the photos. Wish you had a Wren-cam so we could watch things develop….