The Worst Moment (Before the Best Moment)

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Jermaine KearseThat Kearse circus catch was right up there with the all-time worst Boston moments, a full-on baby-hook Buckner Bob-Stanley-trotting-in Ray-Hamilton-roughing-Stabler Aaron Boone Tyree Bucky Dent of a moment. Of course, unlike the others, it was immediately washed away. But at that moment….that sickening moment….

If you are a Seattle fan, simply flip my title around: The Best Moment (Followed by the Worst Moment)



  1. Bill writes:

    And the defender was Butler, who would intercept for the win! As for bad Boston moments, don’t forget Mookie!

    • monica wood writes:

      I was having Giants-Superbowl Tyree flashbacks. We know EXACTLY how Seattle fans feel. The best thing about winning this one is shutting up the haters once and for all. xo