The Trip So Far in Pictures

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Visiting the Stegner family in Greensboro, Vermont was like walking into the landscape of one of my favorite books, Crossing to Safety.


The first stop on the way west was at the home of Tanya and Wendell Berry. Wendell was Wallace Stegner’s student and has in many ways has carried on his work., both part of what Stegner called “the great community” of writers throughout time.



In Lexington with the writer Erik Reece and writer/Merry Prankster Ed McClanahan, who shared an office with Stegner.


Back “home” in Boulder, climbing Flagstaff with old friends Chris Brooks and Rob Bleiberg.


Stayed with my friend (and former Ecotone editor) Adam Petry, now living the Western good life in the hills above Paonia, CO.



On Ed Abbey’s turf at Arches National Park.



My home near Indian Creek on BLM land outside of Canyonlands.



Indian Creek itself, after some rain.


The greater neighborhood.

My trusty steed.


Seeing Seldom Seen Smith. The great Ken Sleight in his office at Pack Creek above Moab.


On to Vernal, Utah, oil boomtown. More on this soon….








  1. Benjamin writes:

    Thanks for the post and especially for the photo of you meeting Wendell Berry. I am a huge admirer of Wendell Berry and have written a Wendell inspired post that I think you might enjoy here:


  2. Peter Peteet writes:

    Love the shot of Arches,why I don’t feel my usual disgust of a pretty postcard shot and instead get the queasy feeling of perhaps being there I dunno; fisheye lens and an implied beer can I guess…the Stegner mailbox w/blocks is nice too.Happy travels!

  3. Rahul Dave writes:

    Thanks, Dave! Aah, Indian Creek…

  4. Kristine writes:

    Looks like a great trip! Let us know when you around Boston or on the Cape.

  5. Ian writes:

    “awaiting moderation…?” What would Abbey and Stegner say to that notion?

  6. Ian writes:


    Just stay ahead of Bishop Love while you continue your searching. What can you tell us about Bonnie & Doc and G. W.? May this book provide literary sand for the crank-case and sugar for the gas tank.

    Lonely Are the Brave


  7. john lane writes:

    Great to see these! You are doing the Earth’s work, my man! Keep at it! As Ez said, Set keel to breakers, forth on the godly sea!

    • Bill Diskin writes:

      Great to see these photos, David. “The greater neighborhood” is an awesome shot. Keep ’em coming! Can’t wait to see more.