The Tar Pits: Welcome to Gulag Carolina

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  1. Adam Shobert writes:

    Bravo, my friend. Great commentary. I may be in Ohio now, but watching NC falling apart is still sad.

  2. karen hamby writes:

    Living blue in this mess, not so easy!

  3. Tommy writes:

    Cartoon GOOD!

    Scary stuff…..

  4. Bill writes:

    Lived in NC my whole entire life and have loved it up until the past couple of years. Trust me, we are not apathetically standing by. It should tell you something that thousands of people have been protesting all of this nonsense on every Monday (Moral Monday) in Raleigh during the legislative sessions. They are going to continue throughout the state now that legislative business is officially over.

    If there is a Satan – his name is Art Pope. He and his puppet McCrory need to leave the state and never return. They do not represent ALL North Carolinians as we all did not vote him into office. Its ironic that Art Pope owns stores that cater to the poor – (Rose’s, Maxway, Super Dollar, etc.) but he creates and supports legislation taking away support for public education, abortions, supports voting restriction and other ridiculousness aimed at discrimination against the group that has made him rich.

    Its time for a complete overhaul in North Carolina. We are outraged and embarrassed at our “leaders.” I implore all liberals to consider moving to our beautiful state and help us get back to the progressive status that we once enjoyed.

  5. Kerry Headley writes:

    I did laugh out loud even if the truth isn’t at all funny. I will be rooting for NC from Portland and hoping to stay west of the Mississippi until saner people take office.

  6. M. Graham writes:

    Telling it like it is: weird and depressing beyond measure. My brother would like for me to move to NC, but that’s a possibility that grows more remote with each passing day. Guns in bars: what a stupefyingly great idea!

  7. Dave writes:

    Thanks, Eli! We are simple folk here and we draw to please.

  8. eli hastings writes:

    that’s the best cartoon ever on B&D’s. Lolx100