The Real Avengers Vs. The Forces of Facebook!

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  1. Coyopa writes:

    Brilliant! But I want to see how the gang cope with Twitter, when they get sucked into producing bon mots in 140 characters. Face it, Thoreau and Melville are screwed, but Emerson and Dickinson are in heaven. An Avenger rift?! Prove me wrong!

    Keep on keeping on

  2. Tom Badyna writes:

    Freaking hilarious. Best laugh of the week, maybe of the month.

  3. Erik writes:

    Love it.

    Favorite part: “They call us nature writers now to keep us in our place.”

    Orion magazine

  4. Matthew Taylor writes:

    Would it be wrong to click the Facebook ‘like’ button at the top of this page?

  5. "Hippie" writes:

    Illuminating cartoon. This is a historic problem which has been intensified by the new technology. The new technology offers many positive benefits tool. Not all new technology is bad but does require vigilance and adaptations to preserve humanity and individualism. Good cartoon Dave.