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For those who missed the  eye-opening  New York Times story on data centers and the energy we use to fuel our computer worlds, here is the short version:






  1. Bill writes:

    I love the pig running the conveyor belt… Would be fun to follow another cord out of the power center… where’s that go? And the cord for that in turn–straight into nature no matter how we cut it… Is population the number one problem? Headline today: “Arctic ice melt decades ahead of predictions.” Already dire predictions.

    • Dave writes:

      In general I agree with you about over-population. But on this one it’s more than that I think. It’s an attitude of extreme wastefulness covered up as efficiency. It’s creating one thing after another that we can’t live without. Like Bill and Dave’s for instance…

  2. Tommy writes:

    I saw this same illustration in another publication (“Guns and Gardens”, I think); the caption read, “How Bacon is Made Leaner”.

    This (cartoon) is awesome! The same argument can be made for them new-fangled sleek and efficient fancy electric cars – where does the polluion go?? The answer: don’t look behind the curtain – you might see mountain top removal!

    Well drawn! Good one.