The Downstream Dog

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When Nina and I first met, over twenty years ago, she had a dog named Zeke. Zeke was part collie, part Saint Bernard, and while fiercely loyal to Nina (and eventually me), he tended to be pretty ornery to others. In those days Nina and Zeke were always together, and it was only natural that when she set out to write a children’s book her subject was Zeke. I just cleaned out the garbage and found that old book, though she won’t let me re-print it here. But I will re-print the drawings I did to accompany the story of the day Zeke floated downstream.



























  1. M. Graham writes:

    Sweet. I know how it is to love a difficult dog. 🙂 By the way, just read your piece “Up Sh*t Creek (with a paddle)” in one earth, and–as is my usual response to your writing–want to thank you for the lessons. I, too, had never heard of the word “limnologist” (even though I I just wrote a short story about one). So many useful pieces of information here (many of which reminded me of some of Lewis Thomas’s work). What’s especially instructive about your writing are the ways in which you seamlessly interrelate the personal with the factual–which so engages the reader, but is so difficult to learn how to do.

    • Dave writes:

      Thanks for the kind words. I fought for “Shit” over “Sh*t” but figured I couldn’t win that one. Where did you read it by the way? I have not found it yet.

      • M. Graham writes:

        Received it in the mail (final print issue; apparently, one earth is going digital from here on out). This issue, in particular, is exceptionally well done, in my opinion. Surely, as someone whose writing is featured in it, you will receive a copy? If not, I can pass mine along to you c/o UNCW (once I’ve made copies of a few pieces therein). Hilarious that you couldn’t use “Shit.” Annoying as hell, I’m sure, but on the bright side, those who might otherwise be fanning themselves from shock will be more amenable to hearing what you have to say. Anyway, thanks again.

  2. George de Gramont writes:

    Zeke looks more benign here than i remember ! Wish I had read Nina’s book.