The Cartoon Adventures of Bill and Dave

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  1. Lori writes:

    A cartoon of super-heroic proportions. I found you via Brevity’s blog. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. malcolm s bates writes:

    Super Dave and Super Bill
    All right! Now that’s Super Heros we can believe in! Do you guys need a trusty sidekick/gofer, a flawed but faithful superhero wannabe, a clumsy lad who has to be rescued a lot, but hangs on your every literary bon mot! I can supply my own outfit, and, oh yeah, it’s tight. I await your secret signal.

  3. Well, still I’m glad I wrote that 150+ pages about ME so I could chuck it in the can! Got so bored with myself, I HAD to look elsewhere.

    The Writing Life is good. Thank you, Bill and Dave for confirming my best impulse!

  4. George de Gramont writes:

    Very amusing & enjoyable. I hope it catches on.

  5. richard writes:

    Outstanding! Consider it passed along to my university’s Writing department….

  6. Tommy writes:

    HIlarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear the theme to Might Mouse playing in the background: “Here I come to save the day…..” In the end, the plot carries the day and the typos hidden in such informal font, slide on by unnoticed….. I mean who has time to look for typos when those tight loin clothes flying by at such blazing speeds are so rivoting.

    • Tommy writes:

      Why is it photos, I mean, cartoons of Earth viewed from outer space always show North and South America? They have a better publicist than the other 5 continents??

  7. Dave writes:

    I see a couple of typos but am to lazy to go back and correct. Some hero….