Swan Update!

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A week ago I posted about our backyard swans and their many weeks of nesting.  Well this Wednesday the eggs hatched and four cygnets waddled out.  They swam almost immediately. Yesterday, Hadley and I paddled out to say a cautious hello.  Here we are approaching…..

And here is the new family…..






  1. Deb Gould writes:

    They’re a far cry from piloting those boats in Boston Gardens, but I sense great potential!

  2. Bill writes:

    There goes the neighborhood. What a spectacular back yard! That was a great day paddling back to your house from the ocean. This is the swan speaking, by the way.

  3. monica wood writes:
  4. George de Gramont writes:

    Amazing & beautiful! Hooray for Dave & Hadley and of course the Swans.