Stopping Titan

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What is Titan?

Well, Titans were mythical gods who were overthrown by the younger Olympian gods.

But Titan is a cement company that wants to come in from the outside (Greece!) and poison the children, my daughter included, of the town of Wilmington, North Carolina.  How are they going to do that?  By producing a million or so tons of cement which produces deadly mercury which will float into the air.

Speaking of conservative, our town is.  Southern and kind of Christian and all that.  But even in this conservative town people are appalled by the idea that these newcomers might come in and poison people (though we are all pretty excited that they may bring as many as 6-11 new jobs to our area.)  They have of course made a lot of promises about how safe their facility will be, but I think we only need look to the Gulf to know that that is the tune all corporations play.

Anyway, they are clearly bad and must be stopped and some good people are trying to do just that at Stop Titan.    You can also sign the petition here.

Here’s a movie called “Stop the Titan Hippies” that I made with a student activism group called “The Eco Avengers.”

And here’s the complete  A Child’s Guide to Titan:

  1. John Jack writes:

    I’m as delighted as a fanatical real estate developer that some Greek speculators have determined to gift horse a Mercury temple there in Ilium’s back yard. And how fabulous is it that they’ll have some concrete byproducts to boot? Mercury, Roman deity of trade, commerce, and merchandise. How apropos. Sulfur dioxide and lead and radioactivity and greenhouse gases too. The cement industry contributes one-twentieth of global greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Didn’t Greeks master cement technologies before Rome conquered Greece, executed Greek concrete artisans for refusing to divulge their trade secrets, and promptly lost how to make it for half a millennium? Apocryphally at least.

  2. Steven Stafford writes:

    Your drawings here, and elsewhere on the site, are awesome.

    Go get ’em!