Snow and Snowys Part II

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The snow has started in earnest now. Just got back from West Dennis beach where I watched a snowy in a tree. They are such a vibrant white that they shine out against the pale landscape, but if we get the expected snowfall the bird’s camouflage will be working again tomorrow.

From the tree it flew to its next perch, pictured below. After it flew off again, I asked David Rotman to take a picture of the nest from up close so I could write about it later. A guy nearby thought that we thought it was the owl’s own nest. “It’s just an osprey nest,” he explained to me.

One final picture of a snowy as the snow picks up. is one by Amos Livingston, who was standing next to me yesterday, armed with a nice camera. He just sent this along……




  1. M. Graham writes:

    P.S. And I had absolutely no idea that Snowys used the Cape as a pit stop. But why wouldn’t they? Just finished reading Cokinos’ Hope is the Thing with Feathers, and took a falconry lesson this fall. So I’ve got birds on the brain. They amaze me. I love them all.

  2. M. Graham writes:

    These photos break my heart, they are so beautiful.

  3. Bill writes:

    Gorgeous. I’m going to make a trip down to Biddeford Pool one day soon to see a few that have apparently taken up residence in Maine.