Seven Good Things About Fall

categories: Cocktail Hour / Getting Outside


1. Jumping in leaves.


I don’t love fall: the shortening days, the daylight-savings axe, the opening of troubling views through once-impenetrable forest, the birds of summer abandoning me, the regressive chores, the incremental turning inward.  It’s a big breath in, and hold, and wait, like waiting for death, or at least December 21, when you can breathe out again, and the light grows.  Then again, Fall.  You don’t burn the leaves anymore, but still you can smell them.  The kitchen’s full of food from the garden.  It’s back to school, a rhythm I’ve never shaken.


2. The Slant of the Light



3. Halloween


4. Thanksgiving



5. Opera Season



6. First Fire in My Studio


7. First Snow

  1. Shelley Burbank writes:

    I love your studio wood-stove. Adorable.

  2. Cheryl Aubin writes:

    Hi Bill: Just want to tell you how wonderful these pictures are. I especially love the first one…it is beautifully done and so cute. I love the expression on your daughter’s face…


    • Bill writes:

      Thanks Cheryl. That kid dove into those leaves a hundred times, and kept raking to make the pile higher. That’s one way to get the chores done around here!

  3. Tommy writes:

    Cute! That first picture is timeless!!

  4. tim writes:

    Hey, someone stole #5. Probably a junkie looking for a fix. No matter, I’m grateful for the remaining six.

    Those are some attractive jack o lanturns. Love this blog!