Save the Shack!

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We all have a place where our writing comes from and we should do all we can to protect that place. Alas, I left home at 5 am yesterday without even putting up the plywood window protector on the windows of my writing shack.  It was muggy in North Carolina but the first I heard about a hurricane was when I landed in Montana (71 and dry). Now, if I understand it correctly, Joaquin Phoenix is taking aim at the shack. Here are some pictures from earlier this week BEFORE a new storm was thrown into the mix. With the rains and super moon there was already 2 feet of water inside.  Not sure if it will be there  when I get back Monday….saveshack










Watch out for Hadley's old stuffed snake!

Watch out for Hadley’s old stuffed snake!


  1. Rahul Dave writes:

    Oh no! I hope it survives, Dave!

  2. nina writes:

    I put the plywood board up this morning but it’s pretty wet in there.

  3. Tommy writes:

    Oh the juxtaposition! Ironic Tragedy. For a man who’s spent a good portion of the last five years travelling in the wake of some of the planet’s fiercest coastal storms, raising our consciousness on development’s blind eye and calling for new ways and re-thinking coastal development, to suddenly feel nature’s bitter sting and the helplessness that comes along with it, in his own back yard, is unsettling. I’m looking for the message here, and I think it’s that our permanence (and to a lesser degree, importance) is only temporary. Sorry about the shack, man. I guess your warped books will get a little warpter (not to be confused with a little warbler, which might be perched on a branch near there). You owe it to all of us, to yourself, to civilization – to rebuild!! Bigger, stronger, deeper, but maybe a couple of feet higher.