Reason 363 Why Mitt Romney Should not be President

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  1. leRoi writes:

    what is the point in bringing up a decades-old event? do we prosecute our parents for driving us around without seat belts in the pre-government intervention in everything era?

    • TSAndros writes:

      Prosecute? No. Persecute? A little bit. I still give old Dad hell for letting me ride on the arm rest of his seat on our station wagon cruises all over the Southeast. As he says, “the wagon was full Sugar, where else were you going to sit?” Fair enough, Dad. But you do still tailgait like an idiot. At least he never strapped the dog to the roof. Of course, there was that one incident when we moved to Georgia with the cat…

  2. Dave writes:

    Leroi is back! I thought you had forsaken us.

  3. leRoi writes:

    more reason to vote for him. no doubt he toughened the dog up. too bad Obama didn’t take a similar trip during his totally molly-coddled life.

  4. George de Gramont writes:

    Really enjoy the addition of the clouds . Nice touch & as Hadley says “uncomplicated”.