Random Doodle Day: Sketches From My Journal

categories: Cocktail Hour


After some consultation with my blog-mate, I have decided to upgrade the drawing of Super Bill, aka Captain Memoir.   I don’t feel the earlier drawings captured his true super-ness.




This is from the graphic novel, Wormtown, that I abandoned….






























  1. john lane writes:

    Thinker in the shack. I can’t figure out whether you are thinking about Keats or trying to remember where you put your car keys, or both.

  2. Roseann writes:

    Love the transformation cartoon..Have you thought about flipbooks, Dave (?). Maybe in the margins of Wormtown, you can have a flipbook.

  3. Bill writes:

    Dave, I’m very proud of my new look! You’re anticipating my transformation nicely! I’m a goin’ to be a random-doodle dandy. Love the worms. And the thinker in his shack…