1. Eric writes:

    This is amazing. Thank you so much.

  2. Craig MavNaughton writes:

    I really liked this. Have you thought of making your next book in cartoon format?

  3. Hank Whitsett writes:

    well done!! now I need to do some reading.
    thanks for this powerful piece!

  4. Peter Davis writes:

    Loved your comment as I did the book decades ago.

  5. Dave writes:

    Thanks for all the kind and generous comments. I have been on the road and have not gotten back to this site for a little while and it was pretty moving to read them all at once. Thank you.

  6. Rahul Dave writes:
  7. Bill Lundgren writes:

    what a beautiful tribute Dave–such a classic story of undaunted courage in the face of adversity. She was a genuine hero. Thanks for this…

  8. Maryanne O'Hara writes:

    This is so wonderful! I was completely choked up, reading it.

    As a little kid, I was very aware of Rachel Carson, because I had a mother who ran into the yard and yelled at the cropduster-type planes who routinely sprayed for mosquitoes. Now I’m in Pittsburgh, waiting for my daughter to be called for a lung transplant. Pittsburgh is surprisingly wonderful, and has many, many bridges, and those bridges are often named after Pittsburgh’s many, many illustrious citizens. I am going to make a point of walking over the Rachel Carson Bridge today.

  9. Peter Peteet writes:
  10. Sarah Savage writes:

    Such a tender tribute to this visionary woman who spoke truth to power with such grace and eloquence we cannot comprehend. We get to discuss and advocate for the interconnected web of life using her epistemology and terminology. Try explaining ‘ecosystem’ before someone else articulated that word. Now try explaining it to a hostile, misogynistic, entrenched oligarchy of Dows and Duponts. Maybe you so lovingly appreciate her because she made your bed for you and you get to dream in it. Dream on, nature boy. And don’t put down that pen.

  11. Bruce B. writes:

    Bravo! A story about more of what we need indeed

  12. Laura Morland writes:

    Thank you so much for so beautifully illustrating the drama and tragedy of Rachel Carson’s last years. I read Silent Spring as a teenager (and received some mighty pushback when I quoted her to my farmer uncle), and it changed my life. But I had no idea of her personal suffering.

    Thank you again, and BRAVO!

  13. Tommy writes:

    Wow, David, this moved me. Beautifully written, and deftly drawn, this is a loving tribute. Thanks for opening my eyes to her undeniable greatness!

  14. I can’t remember the last time I wept my way through a cartoon. Thank you for this innovative way of telling Rachel Carson’s story. It’s a story that continues to resonate—we need to keep on telling it.