Pick You Own Caption: A Bill and Dave’s Contest

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I opened my drawing pad the other day and found that my daughter had drawn this. It seemed to demand a caption and I thought “Let’s put it up on Bill and Dave’s and see what people can come up with.” Winner gets their own cartoon head! 


Please leave a caption in the comments page….

  1. Roger Lee writes:

    DAWGGGGG-nabbitttt! Got BEDBUGS again!!!!



  2. Kathryn Miller writes:

    “No, officer, I haven’t been smoking anything.”

  3. Gerry Gustafson writes:

    Remember Pinocchio, a lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

  4. Ian writes:
  5. Susan Pittman writes:

    I just finished reading the Obamacare regs…33,000 pages, or was it 13,000 pages…or was it 22,000 pages…where am I ?

    • Bill writes:

      Yes, the radical corporatists in congress added a lot of rubbish to the Affordable Care Act, but no more denials for pre-existing conditions! Insurance exchanges for the self-employed (that’s a lot of writers!)! Kids stay on their parents’ policies till they’re 26! Assistance to states (at least those whose governors aren’t morons) to help make Medicaid work! No more medical bankruptcies! Don’t blame this historic legislation if employers manipulate work hours to avoid taking care of their lowest-paid employees! Civilization comes to the U.S! A great patriotic victory!

  6. Bill writes:

    Those grapes really were sour, Aesop.

  7. An Alewife writes:

    Sam, I did not like those green eggs and ham.


    Musta been bad ice.

  8. Dinty W. Moore writes:

    Vertiginous Woolf

  9. Tommy writes:

    “What, Whisper Claw went to bed?? Victory is mine!! Eat my fairy dust! Do you think I’m pretty…?”

    Awesome Sledgehammer

  10. Dave writes:

    These are great!!

  11. Lindy Moone writes:

    “You’d have bloodshot eyes, too, if you had a hairy nipple on your nose.”

  12. Kaitlin writes:
  13. Katy Y writes:

    Dr. Suess? Dr. Suess, are you out there?

  14. Rebecca Clark writes:

    What DOES the fox say!?

  15. George de Gramont writes:

    I bet Dad will think it is his.

  16. Megan writes:
  17. “Rachel, they didn’t listen.”

    On the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring.

  18. The Morning After (Bill & Dave’s Cocktail Hour)

  19. Tammy Andros writes:

    Must, defeat, chicken wire, fence.

  20. “Rachel, they didn’t listen.”

    50th Anniversary of Silent Spring

  21. Henry Harmison writes:

    I’ve got to stop raiding the catnip!

  22. Jill Jordan writes:

    Okay, I lied, it was me who threw up in your shoe. Please make my nose stop growing.

  23. Robin writes:

    You told me getting a cat would be fun. I didn’t know you meant ‘fun’ all night long. Since when did my belly become a trampoline?

  24. Ryder Ziebarth writes:

    Put the essay down and back away from the desk, Daddy.