Outside Magazine Weighs in on All the Wild That Remains

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This hit the newsstands this week. And the book is starting to ship! Let me know who is the first to get it.

outside magazine



  1. Bill writes:

    got my copy a couple of weeks ago and I am absorbed. beautiful, beautiful work Dave… review to follow.

    • Dave writes:

      Did Norton send it? I nagged them about it!

      And thanks of course.

      • Bill writes:

        yes and you must have REALY nagged them: 2 copies showed up, one addressed to Bill L and one to William L… thanks and be assured the extra copy will make its way into the hands of an appreciative reader.

        and here in Maine the cross country skiing continues to amaze. what a winter.

        when can we pencil you in for a doubleheader reading with Mr Roorbach at Longfellow Books?

  2. George de Gramont writes:

    Great! Checking our mail every day ! Jorge !