Guest contributor: Bill and Dave

Bad Advice Wednesday: New Year’s Resolutions for Writers from Dave and Bill

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Bill and Dave, New Year’s Eve 1914


Dave:  1. Set your self a rigorous schedule and follow it for a week (Sunday included). You may just get a productive week out of it, but–who knows?–the routine might kick in and you’ll end up with a productive year.

Bill:  1.  Try working at some radically different time of day.


Dave: 2. Drink (slightly) less

Bill: 2.  Drink in the morning.


Dave: 3. Plan less, write more. At some point planning a book becomes like planning a bird’s nest.

Bill: 3.  Plan a bird nest.


Dave: 4. Go back and finish something you’ve put aside.

Bill: 4.  Start something new.


Dave: 5. Create a new work space or go back and jazz up your old one.

Bill: 5. Have three very portable things that say This is my work space!  And set them up wherever you go.


Dave: 6. Don’t think so much.

Bill: 6.  Don’t know too much.


Dave: 7. Think more.

Bill: 7.  Think snow!


Dave:  8.  Write something for Bill and Dave’s.  I all but promise to make a guest head for you!

Bill: 8.  Comment on this post and then regularly.  Most comments for the year wins dinner with Bill and Dave.  Tommy not eligible.


Happy New Year!


  1. Janine writes:

    Where’s the dinner?

  2. Karen writes:

    Am I now No. 1?

    • Bill writes:

      It’s a close race, but Karen K now holds the lead for the most comments in 2014. There’s a long season ahead of us, of course. But this really shows promise.

  3. Karen writes:

    I rarely look at this yahoo account. It’s so 1999.
    Does this count as a comment?

  4. Bill writes:

    Score so far for 2014: Nina 1. Everyone else: 0.

  5. Nina writes: