My Wife’s Secret Identity…..

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Alas, I used to be the prolific one in my family. But the other night my wife, Nina de Gramont, came up to bed and woke me up and whispered, “I’m catching you!” She meant in books of course. 

What can I say?  It’s not easy being married to a superhero. In fact Nina, the author of three books already, has four more about to enter the world. Two young adult novels, one normal novel (we don’t call them “adult novels” around here because, well, you know), and this, just today:

Yes, Nina (disguised as mild mannered creative writing professor Christine Woodward) has entered the Marvel Universe. And when she tosses her glasses and professor clothes aside, and dons her X-Men costume, I marvel too. 

Of course it is not lost on me that she has chosen to write a book about a young woman who can kill her lover with one touch, but I choose not to dwell on it. 

Check out Rogue Touch here!




  1. Tommy writes:

    I think Christine Woodward went to my high school. Is your wife from New Jersey?

    Nina, how come “Choice” didn’t go to print? I love that you put it together, I think it’s an important book, and should find an audience!

  2. Rahul Dave writes:
  3. Carol de Gramont writes:

    Wow! Four new books coming out does definitely a superhero make. Can’t wait to read “Rogue.” Do I get a signed copy?

    Your first and most ardent admirer.

  4. An Alewife writes:
  5. Elizabeth Hilts writes:
  6. George de Gramont writes:

    Great news! Way to go Nina!Cannot wait to read it.Papa Georges.

  7. Bill writes:

    I’m very disappointed to find out that Christine Woodward is married.