My Presidential Address: Obama and I go one on one….

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Watch this new video as I try to convince the prez that, rather than read the five books the Boston Globe said he should read while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, he should just read one.  I think this is going to be big, people.  Soon I’ll be invited to hoops in the White House, beers with O and Clooney, the whole deal…….I love Bill R., I really do.  But I also like the sound of Barack and Dave’s Cocktail Hour……

  1. Tommy writes:

    Brilliant!!! Compelling!!! Nice suit!! Acadamy Award(TM) nomination for earnestness!! But “scrotum”? Didn’t you use the word “scrotum” in your first book?? You’ve only written 10 books, and already you’re out of words? I thought “Dirty Water” was about London, or half a dozen other towns they changed the lyrics to. “Dirty Dancing” was about summer vacationing in the Poconos, though. George, for this thing to “go viral”…. you have to forward it!

    (everyone else: sure this thing took half an hour to down load (if you live in the Poconos) – but it was worth the wait!)

  2. dave writes:


    Glad to see you back on Bill and Dave’s! Love the pics of Hadley…..let’s talk football soon.

    Best, Dave

  3. George de Gramont writes:

    Outstanding satire.Samuel Johnson would approve. Especially since your point is well taken. Barak should have gone to Harvard College.Did you get your suit at Bergdorf Goodman’s?Lets hope the Video goes viralGdG.