Guest contributor: Meg Pokrass

My Passive-Aggressive Serenity Prayer

categories: Cocktail Hour


God, I am sorry to be calling so

late, but please grant me the

serenity to passively-

aggressively confront the

things I cannot comfortably

change for example the way I

never ask for things, and then

get things because I never

asked for them until I have a

melt down, and to find within

tiny adorably modest me the

passive courage to change the

things I can with my

aggression which is really just

assertiveness, sort of, not


And wisdom to know the

difference but i do not want to

bother you.

Meg Pokrass was once a Jewish Nun with many bad habits. She is now a flashy writer, that is she writes flashy fictions. Additionally, she is also an editor who enjoys both submissions and rejections. If you want to go to her website, not saying you SHOULD go to her website just saying, if you are really bored and maybe want to see it you can find her at



  1. Sharon McSweeney writes:

    I love your style.

  2. monica wood writes:

    OMG! Laughing ass off.

  3. Debora writes:

    Ha! Love this Meg–u funny! I ran into a passive aggressive on the bike trail the other day. She tried to disguise her aggression behind a lilting sing-song voice, the kind a mother would use for her child. The kind that means to say “since I’m talking like this, I’m not really being an A-1 bee ach”–but of course you are. She was dilly dallying on the single-track, and messing up my line and rhythm, so I went around her VERY PLEASANTLY. She sing-songed her little rule, “Keep the single-track a single-track.” And I shot back, Oh, but I can’t really say cause it wasn’t passive aggressive.

    (BTW, passing is allowed and happens all the time, especially during the Town Challenge Mountain Bike Racing, and especially when A-1 bee aches don’t do the courteous thing and pull over to let you around)

    Haha, my little rant. I’m usually pretty nice. Usually. Passively. Kidding!