My Dinner With Updike

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  1. big mikey writes:

    In the black and white photo where Updike is smiling so boyishly, he is smiling because he is talking with Rebecca Lee. I venture to guess the view of motorboats did not cheer him so dramatically.

  2. Richard Gilbert writes:

    Lovely reminiscence. It would have been interesting to hear him on David Foster Wallace! Of course, such questions might never end. Styron’s Confessions of Nat Turner is immortal, of course, so whether he was overrated is somewhat moot, I think. He certainly wasn’t nearly as prolific as Updike.

  3. monica wood writes:

    Well, this is a charmer, David. Thank you!

  4. George de Gramont writes:

    Wonderful essay about a great writer & wonderful man. And you & Nina sent me an autographed copy of “Rabbit Angstrom The Four Novels” which of course I treasure.

  5. Debora writes:

    Hahaha! Well clearly you all are a bunch of horn dawgs–not a bad thing–but what an interesting and scary experience…I would have been a complete wreck–or completely wrecked, one or the other, it’s hard to say. FYI, for future reference, you always give the view to the guest of honor–but you all know that, right? I’m going to have to meet this “famous American writer’s wife,” she sounds fabulous!

    Great story! Great Pix! Great talent, all of you! And lastly, WOW, a wonderful evening…

  6. Randy Ricks writes:

    Fabulous story, fabulous drawing. I love the handwriting mixed in with the real full-color pictures of the place. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you remembered this much. An American icon, a genius, a man who captured post WWII American life and society and such poignant details about suburbia and brought us all to life, held us up to the mirror. So cool you got to meet him and that he hit on your lovely wife. One day on “Jeopardy” TV show, the category will be: Famous American Authors. The answer will be: “This famous American writer, author of “Rabbit, Run” made a pass on another famous American writer’s wife at dinner, innocently offering her a scallop. She, incidentally, is also a famous American writer.”

  7. robert writes:

    that’s how i remember it too!