Mitt Romney’s Inner Selves (We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet)

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The inspiration for this cartoon was Matt Taibbi’s piece on Romney in Rolling Stone.  Check it out here.






  1. George de Gramont writes:

    Brilliant! Your drawing & wit improve daily!

  2. somebody writes:
    • Dave writes:

      The articles I’ve read suggest this was true in his early Bain years, but then a conscious shift, led by MR, was made to acquire, load with debt and get out. I don’t have a % handy but I’ll got back and try to find it for you. Must have been a fun place to work……

      • somebody writes:

        Will Pravda South also conduct an expose on the percentage of communities 100% healed by the community organizer in chief? Will Valerie Jarrett’s slumlord background enter into the expose? If not, then you can hold on to the alleged Romney percentages. Save you some trouble. RS is not exactly a nonpartisan source.

  3. somebody writes:

    It’s actually kind of sad the way you minimalize his corporate experience down to the least common denominator of the companies that failed. My very educated guess is that 90% of the companies that Bain either bought out or ready carefuly here ‘financed’ are still in existence. How do I know this? I did work for Bain in the late 80’s and can identify dozens of companies that came under their orbit that are still in existence

  4. monica wood writes:

    This is really good, David. Should be in Mother Jones.

  5. Bill writes:

    I love all the shed skins in the penultimate frame–he looks like an angry potted plant.

  6. Kay writes:

    Well, yeah! (All you’re missing is a little more disdain for us shiftless folks who were too lazy to be born to wealthy parents!)