Memories of the Lit Mag Sweet Sixteen

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Sweet Sixteen

Dave’s a be-here-now kind of guy, but I like looking back.  And what a bracket this year.  I’ve only got one team left in the running, and the office pool is shot.  My bets are still on Ecotone, though, as they are friendly with the commissioner.  But wasn’t last weekend great?  Tinhouse was tough.  And what about One Story?  Amazing Cinderella tale–Hanna Tinti getting that far with only one player on the court at a time?  And the genre purity, wow.  Stomped by Georgia, of course.  And the Crab Orchard Warriors, wow!  Who knew Paris Review had designed a defense against the Tribble Dribble!  Hard to believe Playboy got classed as a literary magazine–but Hefner’s cheerleaders played great when the team went down.  Ecotone smashed them, of course, throwing poems in front of their power forwards–hardly fair, but this is the real deal.  Ploughshares was aggressive under the boards, but the distinguished guest coach for this round leaned on the long shot (twenty-four three-pointers and nothing else, wow!).  We loved Granta’s full court buzzer shot, outstanding drama, and so unusual at the beginning of their game!  Someone put something in McSweeney’s Gatorade, not fair, but at least one game needs to be a shutout.  Brigid Hughes led A Public Space to the program’s finest year.  Love all the Paris Review veterans on that team!  Of course my money was on Missouri Review when they came up against the Oxford American.  Who were those refs?   And thirty overtimes?  Speer Morgan is still hoarse, from what I hear.  Iron Horse Review surprised with a very young team.  And that Poetry got as far as it did with the oldest team in the history of the madness?  Yale Review‘s performance was the first Ivy in memory.

Who was your team?  What did you bracket look like?

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