Marsh Man: The Trailer for My Green Manifesto

categories: Cocktail Hour


Okay, sure, this trailer for My Green Manifesto is a tad on the homemade side.. But I think you might smile if you click HERE.

  1. monica wood writes:

    Good lordy gracious, David, have you no pride? People already think of writers as swampy layabouts in office chairs. Would it have killled you to borrow a pink shirt from Bill?

    • Dave writes:

      Yes, I have no pride. And yes, I think I could do a whole new video based on Bill’s pink shirt. Not sure what yet, but I’ll come up with it…….

  2. Shelley Burbank writes:

    LMAO. Okay, okay, I’m gonna buy the book now. Swamp man in an office chair. Too funny.