Mapping the Night Trees

categories: Cocktail Hour


It’s been getting dark a little after 5 here.  Or about two hours after it gets dark for Bill.

Hadley (my eight year old daughter) and I spent a night last week down in the shack making a map of the trees that line the opposite shore of our tidal marsh.  Once the sun goes down they appear as black silhouettes across the horizon.  We’ve been naming them, too.  You likely won’t have much trouble finding the “Poodle Head” for instance.  Here’s our map so far:


  1. hannah writes:

    oh. i love this.

  2. George de Gramont writes:

    Also good to get exposure in the Middle West ( Cleveland ) even if their Football Team is lousy.

  3. dave writes:

    I like it. Manly.

  4. john lane writes:

    Name of yr shack book: “Under Poodle Head.”